About Us

Basic 23--A Blend of Luxe and Casual :
A leader among women’s apparel wholesale manufacturers, Basic 23 offers a carefully chosen, elevated assortment of women’s clothing for our informed customers. Starting with perfectly constructed basics to other high quality, ready-to-wear essentials, including cardigans, knits, pants/shorts and dresses, our collection provides maximum choice to our discerning clientele. Our standards are never compromised for price, and the staff at Basic 23 work tirelessly to bring a refined yet affordable collection of fashion and luxury essentials for every woman, including plus-sized wearers. Basic 23 showcases a cultured blend of luxe and casual, and our conscientious application to the work at hand shows in the collection’s level of quality, variety and exceedingly reasonable price range. All of our choices demonstrate Basic 23’s trueness to excellence, and our clothing highlights a favoring of the elegance and on the clean-line.
True to its name, Basic 23’s main focus lies in casual wear, but only in casual wear that is well-designed--with quality construction, shape, fabric and coloring. Fusing luxe and casual, Basic 23 features an impressive array of “low maintenance high fashion” essentials that highlight beauty within simplicity. Basic 23’s collection is wearable. It embraces diversity--in color, prints/patterns, material, style and size--so that no woman who desires an impeccable component to her wardrobe is left feeling unnoticed.
We believe that elegance must not be traded for comfort, and that sophistication pairs harmoniously with simplicity. This belief drives all aspects and components that combine to form Basic 23 and its foundations. Thank you for supporting the company’s commitment; thank you for helping inspire the company’s culture, ideas and values. With excellent service and gratitude, we look forward to providing you with a variety of options for women’s casualwear of superb quality.